The Next Best Thing to Home

We have been using Cloud Nine Country Kennel for boarding and grooming Daisy, our mixed breed terrier, since 2008 and have never had anything less than great experiences with the kennel and its staff. Based on Daisy's reactions when we take her there and the friendly reception and treatment she gets from the staff, I think Daisy would agree that Cloud Nine is the next best thing to home.

When we started using Cloud Nine, Daisy had no special needs. About a year ago, she became diabetic and we had to start her on insulin injections twice a day. Even more recently, the diabetes caused blinding cataracts for which she requires eye drops in addition to insulin. Since we travel and board Daisy several times a year, we were concerned about how we would be able to continue the insulin and eye drop treatments when she had to be boarded. We were relieved after Brittney Glass at Cloud Nine told us that she and her staff routinely give insulin injections and eye drops to other diabetic animals, and that they also care for other blind dogs. Daisy has now stayed at Cloud Nine several times since she has been diabetic and when she gets home, her general health is always excellent and her glucose level is good.

Brittney also does a great job of grooming Daisy. When we take her there for a "spa day", she get a haircut, bath and her nails trimmed and always comes home looking great!

— Debbie & Gary M.

Norton Loves Going to Your Place

Norton, our Golden Retriever enjoys going to your Establishment. When he sees me with the Bag you gave us for his stuff. he starts to get excited, he knows where he's going, when he sees it it goes a bit crazy. When we arrive at the kennel I only have to open the car door, he will pick up his leash, and he'll jump out of the car, and he makes his way to the front door. There he waits for me to open it. After greeting the people at the front desk, he usually takes himself back to the kennel area. He just loves going to your place.

— Richard

Highly Recommended

When we moved to Macungie 26 years ago, we asked our veterinarian to recommend good kennels in the Lehigh Valley. This was their response:

“The only kennel I highly recommend is Cloud Nine Country Kennels.”

That’s when our relationship with Cloud Nine began. Once during the first year, we neglected to make reservations in time, and had to place our dog, Sandy, in another kennel. There was no comparison.

Cloud Nine has hosted all our family pets: our dogs Sandy, Julie and Cohen; and our cats Duffer and Ginger. Their quality has only improved over time. When we arrive, Julie can’t wait to greet the staff and enjoy her kennel/spa get-away. What more can you ask? I cannot more highly recommend Cloud Nine Country Kennel.

— Karen & Michael S.

They Care For Our Dogs Just Like we Would

We have had dogs for more than 40 years and started using Cloud Nine about 10 years ago. Cloud Nine people have proved they care for our dogs just like we would. Our dogs are considered family members and Brittney, Chelsea and all the staff treat our dogs with care and compassion. In 2014 we had a dog who required special feeding for a medical condition. Cloud Nine people gladly took care of Jasper for 3 weeks while we were out of town. I've come to trust them completely with our dogs and would recommend them for anyone's boarding needs.

— Wayne E.

We’re Having Fun so She Should Too!

Remember – Cats have staff! When we go away Tigger needs another first class accommodation. I call Cloud Nine to make her “reservation”. When she was younger she liked the top “bunk”, at 17 years young she needs the middle “bunk” and can enjoy the view out the window. We’re having fun so she should too! Tigger loves the cat nip tea parties and the free time to investigate her indoor surroundings… Oh and let’s not forget the secure carriage ride outside for a closer look at her beautiful outdoor surroundings. Tigger’s meals are always taken care of as well as plenty of fresh water at all times. Tigger always receive her “Mani-Pedi” before returning to her primary staff. We can go away knowing that Tigger will be comfortable and taken care of. We can also call to check on her at any time and if there is ever a problem someone will call us right away. What a blessing!

— Colleen G. & Tigger

First Class Operation

Cloud Nine Kennel is my dog’s home away from home! He leaps with joy and wags his tail when he arrives and the staff joyously greets him! It is a first class operation. The staff is very courteous and friendly and they go out of their way to personalize service for each pooch. The kennels are in pristine shape and the dogs get lots of exercise and top notch food. The place is immaculate and the safety and happiness of the dogs is of top concern to them. I actually drive almost an hour to get there but it is well worth it! I can go away relaxed and comfortable, knowing that he is being treated like a family member. I would highly recommend this kennel to everyone!

— Mary B.

We Wouldn't Take Casey Anywhere Else

Our golden retriever Casey loves going to Cloud Nine Country Kennel! When we pack his blue Cloud Nine bag, he gets very excited and almost runs into the kennel! The staff is courteous and very attentive to his needs during his stay and responsive to any scheduling request or questions we may have about their services. Casey is always very happy to come home and he is eager to return again soon. We tend to be away quite a bit and it takes a great load off our minds to know that Casey is in a place where he is very happy, gets a lot of playtime and exercise and comes home well groomed and a bit tired out. We wouldn’t take Casey anywhere else. Thank you Cloud Nine!

— Steve and Carrie S.

Extremely Happy

We have been coming to Cloud Nine for many, many years and have always been extremely happy with the care and attention our dogs have received there. Most important though, is that our Wheaten Terrier, Gus, loves Cloud Nine. As we pull up the driveway he becomes very excited and as soon as I open the car door, he races inside and begs to go back to his run to be kenneled! It makes my husband and I feel very comfortable and relaxed knowing that he is in excellent hands while we are away.

— Barbara and Peter B.

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