Indulge your pet during your next getaway with a truly memorable lodging experience! We offer a variety of activities and extras for both canines and felines to make your pet’s visit as enjoyable as possible. At the recommendations of our local veterinarians, we strongly encourage increased exercise and interaction for the health and happiness of our lodging pets.


(all package prices are in addition to the basic nightly boarding rate and are per day per dog)

The Big Dipper Package - $48.00
3 extra playtimes, 2 business walks, bedding upgrade, gourmet treat, bed time story/tuck in

The Little Dipper Package - $28.00
2 extra playtimes, 1 business walk, gourmet treat, bedtime story/tuck in

The Twinkle Package - $14.00
1 extra playtime, 1 business walk, gourmet treat

The Shooting Star Puppy - $32.00
2 extra playtimes, 2 business walks, gourmet treat, bedtime story/tuck in

The Milky Way Senior/Special Needs - $32.00
2 stretch/mobility breaks, extra care/attention, unlimited medications (excluding injections), orthopedic bedding, bedtime story/tuck in

Al a carte Menu


  • One additional exercise - $8.00 (15-20 min each)
  • Business walk - $4.00 each (3-5 min walk just to do “business”)
  • Cuddle time - $8.00 (15-20 min each)
  • Bedtime Story/Tuck-in - $8.00

Special Treats

All of our treats are homemade, excluding the Busy Bones. 6% sales tax on all treats.

  • Bedtime Cookies - $4.00 each
  • Doggie Ice Cream - $4.00 each
  • Busy Bones - $4.00 each
  • Gourmet Treats (flavored mashed potatoes with bacon bits and green beans) - $4.00 each
  • Poochie Pizza - $4.00 a slice (served Friday and Saturday evenings only)
  • Catnip Tea Party - $8.00 each (for our feline guests)

our hours

monday - friday
8:30a to 12p & 4p to 6:30p
9a to 12p & 5p to 6p
11a to 12p & 5p to 6:30p

Grooming & Daycare drop-off starting at 7:30AM

our location

146 Hunter Forge Road
Macungie, PA 18062
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contact us

Cloud Nine Pet Retreat
(610) 845–7330